mixer TOPP PRO รุ่น MX8


Mixer 4Mono 2St Fx USB Bluetooth



คุณภาพสูง ดิจิตอลเอฟเฟคแท้คุณภาพสูง

- Input Channels
Mono (Mic/Line): 4, Stereo (Line): 4
4 mono inputs with gold plated XLR and Balanced TRS jack.
4 stereo inputs with Balanced TRS jack.
Gain control and +48V phantom power for mono input.
- Output Channels
Stereo Out: 2, Monitor Out: 1, Phones: 1, Aux Send: 1
- On-board processors
Effect 24 programs, Parameter Control: 2, Foot switch: 1
- 3 Band EQ on all mono channels

and stereo channels plus 120 Hz

low cut filter on all mono channels.
- Peak LED in mono channel.
- Built-in stereo USB /Audio interface./Bluetooth

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