TURBOSOUND iQ-WB ที่แขวนลำโพงกับผนัง สำหรับตู้ลำโพง iQ


iQ ขนาด 8-10-12-15 นิ้ว




สำหรับตู้ลำโพง iQ8 TURBOSOUND


iQ8-WB (ขนาด8นิ้ว)
• ราคา 4,400บาท

iQ10-WB (ขนาด10นิ้ว)
• ราคา 5,400 บาท

iQ12-WB (ขนาด12นิ้ว)
• ราคา 5,800 บาท

iQ15-WB (ขนาด15นิ้ว)
• ราคา 6,200 บาท


Steel Wall Bracket for iQ Loudspeakers
The iQ-WB is a matt black, powder coated wall bracket specifically designed to hang the iQ8 in standalone applications, such as wall or ceiling mounting in bars or clubs, or as an under-balcony fill.

The iQ-WB consists of two yoke spacers and brackets, plus all the fasteners required for assembly. After the iQ is securely mounted and adjusted for the desired coverage, the screws attaching the enclosure to the bracket should be fully tightened to finalise the installation.


Steel wall bracket for iQ loudspeakers
Mounts 1 speaker horizontally or vertically to a wall
Adjustable angle for optimum audience coverage
Hard wearing semi matt black powder coat finish
10-Year Warranty Program*
Designed and engineered in the U.K.

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