Features in the free 3.0 fimware update:

• Cascading: Double your inputs or double your mixes
• Cue Recall: save mix settings as Cues and then quickly and seamlessly recall them
• UDP Control Recall: for triggering lighting control snapshots
• Lexicon Reverb PreDelay: easily set the time before first surface reflections and simulate desired acoustic environments
• More than 25 new supported touch screens
• And more, described in the downloadable Ui24R 3.0 Firmware Addendum document


• Renowned Soundcraft quality and performance
• Built-in dual-band Wi-Fi eliminates the need for a router to provides a reliable connection to up to 10 mobile devices in mission critical situations
• Control Ui24R from iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS and Linux browsers without installing additional apps
• Record and mix with the warmth of 20 professional-quality Studer-designed preamps
• dbx compression and iconic Lexicon reverb and delay processing
• 2 channels of DigiTech guitar amp modeling
• Dual-path, redundant multi-track recording of all 24 inputs to USB drive and connected Mac/PC
• 24 simultaneous inputs (10 combo ¼” TRS/XLR, 10 XLR, 2 line level, 2 digital)
• 4-band parametric EQ, high-pass filter, compressor, de-esser, and noise gate on input channels
• 31-band graphic EQ, noise gate, compressor, and dbx® AFS2 Automatic Feedback Suppression on all outputs
• Real-time frequency analyzer (RTA) on inputs and outputs
• Compatible with Mac/PC DAWs and other music software
• Compatible with Harman Connected PA application and system for easier setup and control
• 4U rackmount design





Reference : Mahajak Channel 

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