BOSE DM5SE (DesignMax)


ลำโพงติดผนัง 5.25 นิ้ว 200 วัตต์ (ราคา / ใบ)


ลำโพงติดผนัง BOSE DesignMax DM5SE

• 5.25 นิ้ว 200 วัตต์

• ช่วงความถี่ 65 Hz – 20 kHz.

BOSE DesignMax DM5SE 

surface-mounted loudspeaker
Premium sound to maximize any design.

DesignMax loudspeakers bring outstanding audio and aesthetics to any commercial space. With 12 models to choose from, it’s easy to create tailored solutions that deliver instantly impressive sound. QuickHold mounting mechanisms make installation efficient, reducing strain and hassle — and saving substantial time. And with both black and white versions available, DesignMax loudspeakers integrate seamlessly with any décor.

The 50-watt DesignMax DM5SE loudspeaker features a two-way 5.25-inch woofer and 1-inch tweeter coaxially mounted within the Dispersion Alignment system, producing a frequency range of 65 Hz – 20 kHz. The DM5SE is surface-mounted, IP55 outdoor-rated, and locks onto a hidden QuickHold U-bracket for fast, secure installation.

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